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Most of the home plumbing problems you’re likely to encounter can be addressed during normal business hours. However, some plumbing emergencies can’t wait, requiring immediate attention to restore water service and prevent flooding or water damage to your Portland home. Knowing when to call in your 24-hour plumber can help you prevent the stress and disruption associated with serious plumbing issues, while also helping you learn more about how to solve minor plumbing problems on your own.

You Need the Affected Plumbing

Some plumbing issues aren’t considered emergencies because they don’t affect essential systems. If you have two or more bathrooms in your home, it may be more economical to simply stop using a problematic fixture until your plumber is able to schedule a regular visit. However, if you need to use the affected plumbing right away or you don’t have an available backup system, you should call your plumber for help, even if you require after-hours service. Leaks and burst pipes that require you to shut off your water main or a complete lack of hot water when you need to shower are situations in which you need a plumber to quickly restore your plumbing’s function. Water pressure problems also require an immediate professional assessment, as these issues can limit or even eliminate your ability to use your plumbing for everyday tasks until repairs are made. A sudden drop in water pressure across your home is often due to a hidden leak or a problem with your water main, while a loss of water pressure that affects your hot water only typically points to a problem with your water heater itself.

Your Home Is Sustaining Damage

If your home is sustaining ongoing water damage, it’s time to call your 24-hour plumber for help. While small or slow leaks can be mitigated for a few hours with a bucket until normal business hours, it’s also important to remember that even a single dripping faucet can waste ten gallons of water or more each day. This increased water usage will raise your water bill significantly over time if you continue to ignore it, so schedule repairs promptly, even if you have the problem under control. By contrast, large leaks or excessive standing water can cause extensive damage and promote mold growth in a short period of time; these issues always require emergency plumbing services to minimize the damage to your home and prevent wasted water. Sewage backups can expose your family to hazardous bacteria and viruses, and should never be ignored or addressed without professional help for your own safety. If you are at all concerned about your ability to control the damage caused by a plumbing problem, it’s better to call your plumber to handle it right away, rather than dealing with the cost of significant home repairs you may require if you continue to ignore the problem.

When your plumbing can’t wait, your 24-hour plumber in Portland is here to help. Please visit our website for more information about our comprehensive plumbing services, including toilet repair and replacement, water heater maintenance, and leaky faucet solutions. We also invite you to check out our blog for more plumbing tips and information to keep your drains, faucets, and fixtures in great repair.

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