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Water Quality, Water Pressure, and Plumbing Emergencies

Excerpt: Did you know that the quality of your water and even your water pressure can lead to serious plumbing problems? This article takes a brief look at how these factors affect your plumbing and why they might lead to a plumbing emergency.

In many cases, plumbing problems and emergencies are due to issues that include lack of maintenance, overuse of your plumbing system, or aging fixtures and appliances. However, there are several other factors that can cause severe plumbing issues as well, including the quality of your home’s water and even your water pressure. Understanding how these characteristics can lead to emergency plumbing situations is the first step toward avoiding a major plumbing problem that takes you by surprise.

Water Quality

All water contains some percentage of dissolved minerals. When the concentration of dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium is high (a condition often referred to as hard water), your plumbing is more likely to develop mineral deposits with extended use over time. These mineral deposits can lead to several problems, including clogs, corrosion, and leaks that can appear without prior warning and require emergency plumbing assistance to repair. Hard water can also cause mineral buildup inside your water heater, affecting its heating elements and leading to breakdowns that leave you without the hot water you need. Your anode rod is a key component of your water heater and is designed to combat this mineral buildup, which is why we recommend annual inspections. Additionally, some water treatment plants use certain chemicals to treat drinking water that can have a negative effect on copper water pipes, leading to rapid degeneration and widespread leaks that may cause water damage to your home.

While you can’t change the quality of your water before it reaches your home, a great way to avoid an emergency plumbing situation due to hard water is to discuss installing a water softening system with your plumber. A water softener will remove corrosive minerals from your water before it enters your home’s plumbing and reaches your fixtures and appliances; this will protect your plumbing from clogging and deterioration that could lead to a plumbing emergency when you least expect it.

Water Pressure

Your water pressure can also affect the health of your home’s plumbing. While high water pressure is often desirable, water pressure that is too high can put your plumbing at risk for leaks and other problems. When the water pressure is too high, your pipes are put under strain every time you use your water. This can loosen connections and cause deterioration of pipe and drain walls over time, which may lead to sudden leaks that cause significant water damage and water waste. High water pressure also puts excess strain on your plumbing fixtures and appliances, which may cause a higher incidence of leaky faucets and burst washing machine pipes, which are some of the most common plumbing problems your emergency plumber is called to address. If you aren’t sure whether your home’s water pressure is too high, your plumber can easily evaluate the incoming pressure to determine whether high water pressure could lead to a plumbing emergency. Water pressure that is too high can be reduced using a water pressure reducing valve to ensure your water pressure remains within optimal limits for your plumbing.

When you experience a major plumbing issue that can’t wait, we can provide fast and professional 24/7 emergency plumbing in Portland. Our services include solutions for leaks, clogs, backups, and more to quickly address any issue and help you take preventative measures. You can find out more about emergency plumbing situations and how to prevent them on our blog, or click through our website to explore our full range of plumbing services.

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