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Your sewer line plays a vital role in the health of your home’s plumbing, but it is susceptible to several common problems. These problems can include clogs, collapse, and root invasion if there are trees or other plants with large root systems nearby on your property. Many of these situations will manifest the same symptoms within the plumbing of your home, but require very different solutions to solve. Because sewer line problems are so difficult to diagnose, it’s important to contact your plumber any time you notice strange activity in your plumbing that you believe is related to your sewer line. Your Portland plumber has access to the tools and experience needed to not only diagnose your sewer problems easily, but repair them quickly as well.

How Camera Inspections Work

Sewer line camera inspections allow your plumber to take a peek inside your sewer line without actually digging the line out of the ground and opening it. During a camera inspection, your plumber will insert a long, flexible cable into your sewer line, typically through a sewer cleanout. This cable has a small camera at the end, which sends images to a computer or monitor in real time. These images show a clear picture of the interior of your sewer line. As your plumber feeds the cable and the camera through the line, he can assess the condition of the line to look for signs of buildup or deterioration. He can also easily find the cause of a backup or other issue, as the camera will clearly show the presence of a clog or tree roots, as well as show areas of the line that may have collapsed or become dislocated, which allows untreated wastewater to leak into your yard.

Benefits of Camera Inspections

Sewer line camera inspections offer several benefits. Using this inspection tool is a simple way to accurately visualize the interior of your sewer line, allowing your plumber to diagnose sewer problems without any guesswork. In turn, this ensures that your plumber applies the right solution to quickly and completely eliminate any plumbing problems you’re experiencing. Sewer line camera inspection makes all this possible without physically digging up the line or trying to guess the problem based on symptoms alone. The ability to visually inspect your entire sewer line also provides information about the condition of the line itself, giving your plumber insight into its likely future performance and whether steps should be taken now or in the future to ensure it continues draining your home’s wastewater as it should. Excessive buildup inside the pipe can be removed via hydro-jetting to give your sewer line a new lease on life, while a sewer pipe constructed from older or deteriorating materials can be replaced without digging to prevent unexpected failure.

Our 24-hour emergency plumbers serving Portland offer sewer line camera inspection as part of our comprehensive list of plumbing services. We can quickly and confidently find any problem in your sewer line and offer the best solution to eliminate it permanently for better plumbing performance and unquestionable peace of mind. If you’d like more information about our sewer line inspection and repair services, please click over to our main website. You can also take a look through our archive of blog articles for more home plumbing tips.

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