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Jack Howk® Plumbing / Rescue Rooter® Saves Approximately 315 Lives and Counting!

Last September when we were dreaming up ideas for how our Portland office of plumbers and drain technicians could get involved in our parent company’s “We are ARS Week” (a week of festivities that honor American Residential Services (ARS) employees and communities throughout the country), our main goal was to pick a cause that would not only impact the most lives, but would also be one that our entire team could get behind. We found that in the American Red Cross — with everyone enthusiastically agreeing to support this worthy organization by holding our first ever blood drive on September 24, 2014!

What we originally envisioned as being a one-time event has taken on a life of its own. The response at our first blood drive was so positive; we quickly realized we didn’t want to wait for a designated week to come around only once a year in order to give back to our community. In a true testament to how my team goes above and beyond, we decided that our American Red Cross blood drive would become a quarterly event.

Fast forward just eight short months and 105 pints of blood later and we’re now wrapping up our fourth blood drive, which collectively raised 36 pints of blood last week. According to the American Red Cross, the 105 pints of blood we’ve raised as a group during the past four events has potentially saved the lives of approximately 315 people.

Not only has participation increased with each drive, what’s most encouraging to me is that all of the original employees who participated in our first drive have participated in every subsequent drive as well. I applaud them for their unwavering commitment.

It’s also been exciting to see how our reach on behalf of the American Red Cross is starting to extend beyond the confines of the local ARS community. Apparently, our parking lot is popular! Neighboring business, Cornell Pump, moved their blood drive to combine with ours, which then inspired us to invite other businesses nearby to participate with us. Recently, both Acosta and Cascade Rigging joined ARS in hosting our blood drive.

We’re also raising awareness within our local community to participate in this life-saving cause. Local residents have stopped in to donate, and they have continued to support our efforts during each blood drive. Our staff is always eager to greet fellow donors, who say they feel so welcomed by our staff and the scrumptious breakfasts we always provide!

We have even bigger plans on the horizon. With two additional blood drives scheduled for July 21, 2015 and September 24, 2015, we’re aiming to collect a total 250 pints of blood by September to commemorate one year of donations to the American Red Cross. And we won’t stop at just one bus available for donors—we’re aiming to have two buses onsite for donors during our September drive!

This is where you come in! Please consider joining us and sign up to participate in the upcoming blood drives at the Jack Howk® Plumbing / Rescue Rooter® Clackamas office (located at 12430 SE Capps Rd, OR 97015) by contacting Joyce Dennis directly at (503) 850-3100 or e-mail:

To view the eligibility requirements for donating to the American Red Cross, please visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS for more information.

We couldn’t do it without your help, er should I say blood?!

portland plumber at blood drive plumbers after blood drive blood donor employees outside American Red Cross blood drive van

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