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Tankless water heaters are small but efficient appliances that have made providing your home with the hot water you need for daily tasks easier, more reliable, and more cost-effective than ever before. There are several distinct benefits associated with tankless water heater installation, allowing you to enjoy a more energy- and water-efficient lifestyle while also reducing your monthly utility bills. If you’re wondering whether the benefits of installing a tankless water heater are sufficient to consider making the switch, your Portland plumber can help you compare your current water heater to a new tankless model to determine the right choice for you.

More Storage Space

Storage tank water heaters take up considerable space in your home, regardless of where they are located. While it is well worth sacrificing this space for the hot water you need, a tankless water heater could provide your home with the same service in just a fraction of the space. Tankless water heaters don’t need to store a reservoir of water, so they don’t require a large storage tank at all. This significantly reduces the size of the appliance when compared with storage tank models, allowing you to take back much of the space currently occupied by your water heater. Furthermore, tankless water heaters are typically mounted on a wall, completely eliminating your water heater’s use of floor space in your home.

Endless Hot Water

The major difference between storage-type water heaters and tankless water heaters is the length of time over which they can provide hot water. Storage systems retain a tank of hot water that is ready for use at all times; when this reservoir is emptied, cold water is used to fill the lost volume and heated to provide a new hot water supply. However, if you drain the tank completely, you must wait for the tank to refill and reheat its contents, leaving you without hot water during this time. By contrast, tankless water heaters create hot water on demand, heating water as it flows through the system on its way to the tap or fixture you’re using. As long as you aren’t overtaxing the system you’ve installed, your tankless water heater will continue to provide hot water indefinitely, which can be a major benefit if your family is constantly running out of hot water by using more than your storage-type water heater can store at any given time.

Long-Term Energy Savings

Because storage-type water heaters maintain a reservoir of hot water, they are constantly adding energy to this reservoir to keep it at the right temperature. This means that your water heater must consume energy throughout the day, regardless of whether you are using the hot water it’s maintaining. Tankless water heaters only draw energy input when you are using your hot water, and use no energy at all when hot water isn’t required. Thus, tankless water heater installation can offer long-term energy savings over the cost of operating a storage water heater by ensuring your water heater is only consuming fuel while your hot water tap is open.

Tankless water heaters have been gaining popularity in American homes due to their efficiency, their size, and their convenience. We invite you to take a look through our website to find out more about our water heater products and services, including storage tank and tankless water heater installation in the Portland area. You can also reach a plumber online for personalized advice and tips, or click through our blog articles to read through more home plumbing information and news.

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