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Replacing a water heater is something most homeowners eventually face, and it’s natural to have many questions about the process. Your plumber in Portland can guide you through the entire process of getting a new water heater, from picking the unit to having it installed, so you don’t have to fly blind when making these important decisions. The answers to these common questions about water heater replacement will also make the process a little easier.

Do I really need a new water heater?

Ultimately, your plumber can give you great advice about when to replace your water heater after thoroughly inspecting your existing unit. However, there are signs to keep in mind that can suggest that the time to get a new water heater is now. If your water heater is leaking, then it is likely better to replace it rather than getting it repaired. Frequently, people begin considering new water heaters because they are experiencing cold showers and difficulty getting hot water for laundry and dishes. If your supply of hot water is no longer sufficient, then you almost certainly need a new system. In some cases, age is a factor. After 10 years, the efficiency on your unit may begin to decline and you may find that it needs more frequent repairs, at which point replacement will be more cost-effective.

What kind of water heater should I get?

Today, there are both tankless and conventional, tank-style water heaters available. When tankless systems became available, they offered greater energy efficiency with the convenience of hot water on demand. Now, tank-style heaters have dramatically caught up to tankless models in terms of efficiency, so choosing a system comes down to other factors for most people. Consider how much hot water you use, the size of your house, and whether you tend to run multiple appliances that require hot water at one time. With this information, your plumber can guide you towards a water heater that will be right for you.

Does a new water heater require maintenance?

Yearly inspections are an important part of keeping your water heater in good condition. Your plumber will inspect your wiring, look for signs of corrosion and rust, flush the system to remove any sediment in your water, and make sure the unit is working as efficiently as possible. You should also call your plumber right away if you see corrosion, rust, or leaks around your unit.

Let our expert plumbers help you make the right decisions about your water heater. We install and repair both tankless and tank-style models and will help you find and maintain your system. You can learn more about our plumbing services on our website, and get more advice about maintaining your plumbing on our blog.

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