Portland Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

There can sometimes be more complicated drainage problems that cannot be solved with a drain cleaning. It is not unusual to find cracks in sewer lines, collapsed sewer lines, or tree root intrusion. In addition to root damage, a broken or clogged sewer line can be caused by a number of things. Objects can find their way into the sewer line and become lodged. Extreme temperature changes, general drain deterioration, ground shifting and improper installation can also cause sewer drain problems.

Special Offers for Drain Cleaning Services in Portland

Video Sewer Inspection in Portland

We can help you avoid the expense of exploratory plumbing or digging up your yard by using a miniature camera to help identify the problem. Video inspection can also confirm the structural condition of your sewer lines. We’ll share the video with you and go over your repair options carefully.

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Portland

Having sewer line problems used to mean excavation on a large scale, with yard repairs needed after the sewer line repairs were completed. Fortunately, we offer trenchless pipe repair. Trenchless pipe repair is faster, landscape-friendly and only requires a few access points.

There are two different approaches to trenchless sewer line repair that we use, pipe bursting and pipe relining. With pipe bursting, the existing line is safely blown apart as a new, stronger high-density pipe is pulled through. With pipe relining, a fiberglass line is placed inside the faulty pipe to seal any damage, creating a long-lasting repair.

By providing free consultations and upfront estimates, we give our customers options when it comes to replacing their sewer lines. For all your drain and sewer needs, call Jack Howk SM / Rescue Rooter® today! Our trenchless sewer pipe replacement technology has saved our customers thousands of dollars and valuable time by avoiding massive excavation of their property. Give us a call at Jack Howk/ Rescue Rooter at 503-850-3122 or request an appointment online.