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Garbage disposals are a major modern convenience that make handling meal cleanup fast and easy. However, these simple devices can easily develop problems related to overuse or misuse, effectively putting your kitchen sink out of commission. Knowing how to avoid the most common causes of garbage disposal repair calls in Portland, as well as how to recognize the signs that your garbage disposal is getting ready for replacement, can effectively prevent your garbage disposal from developing problems that are both costly and inconvenient.

The Disposal Won’t Grind

One of the most common garbage disposal problems is a situation in which the disposal simply won’t grind. There could be many reasons behind the disposal’s lack of activity, ranging from a power issue to a jam or broken part inside the disposal. To check for power, make sure the unit’s cord is plugged in and that the outlet is in good repair. You may also want to check your circuit breaker to make sure the outlet is receiving power. If you believe the power to the unit is working, you can also check to see if the disposal is jammed. Never perform this step without turning off the power to the outlet first for safety. Next, use the offset wrench that came with the unit to move the impellers back and forth to loosen the item causing the jam. If you still can’t get your disposal to grind or don’t have the necessary tools, it’s best to call your professional plumber for garbage disposal repair or replacement, depending on the cause of the problem. Never pour drain cleaning chemicals down your kitchen sink in an attempt to loosen a clogged or jammed disposal, as these chemicals will only cause corrosion inside the unit that will lead to premature failure.

The Disposal Is Leaking

Garbage disposal leaks can cause water damage underneath the unit that can warp cabinetry, lead to mold growth or pest infestations, and cause your kitchen to develop an unpleasant smell. There are several potential areas on a disposal that could develop a leak, including its plumbing connections, drainage hose, and even the outer casing of the disposal unit itself. If you spot a plumbing leak under your sink that you believe is coming from the disposal, contact your plumber to assess the situation and correct the leak. In many cases, only minor repairs or replacement of caulking or putty is necessary, but leaks that develop in the disposal itself due to corrosion are best addressed by replacing the unit entirely. Most garbage disposals are rated to last between ten and fifteen years; if your disposal is leaking and near this age, garbage disposal replacement is often your best option.

When you need help with your garbage disposal, it’s best to call in a professional to get the job done. Our 24-hour plumbers in Portland specialize in a wide range of home plumbing services and solutions, including garbage disposal repair and replacement to keep your kitchen running smoothly. You can find out more about our emergency and by-appointment plumbing services on the web, or click through our blog to learn more about common home plumbing problems and how to know when it’s time to contact your plumber.

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